Recovering after a car accidentRecovering after a car accident

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Recovering after a car accident

I had a small car accident two years ago. I thought I was okay when I walked away, but then I started getting terrible neck pain. It was impossible to ignore and used to wake me up all through the night. The doctor diagnosed me with whiplash and sent me away with pain medication that just left me feeling groggy and terrible. The only thing which has actually helped me over this time has been regular adjustments and manipulations from my chiropractor. If you have terrible neck or back pain from whiplash, then this blog should be a great resource for you.

Are You Pregnant? Three Reasons to Consider Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments

Being pregnant is one of the most life changing occurrences in a woman's life. Not only do you undergo emotional changes, but the physiology of your body is also undergoing drastic changes, too. Thus, it is crucial to try to keep yourself in the best health so that both you and your baby are safe. However, with pregnancy also comes a lot of increased physical stress. As your belly protrudes and you pile extra weight into your frame, you become at risk of your joints and spine becoming misaligned. This increased pressure causes women to endure physical pain and discomfort during their gestational period. If you are expectant, here are three reasons why you should consider chiropractic spinal adjustments.

Spine adjustments help to restore your pelvic balance

As your pregnancy progresses, you become susceptible to changes in your pelvis. Although this is normal, it still poses a health risk, particularly to your baby. A misaligned pelvis means that the amount of space available to your growing baby is restricted, and this can have adverse effects on the development of your child. Additionally, if your pelvis is not properly aligned, you also become at risk of having a breech birth or having to resort to a caesarean section. Seeing a chiropractor on a routine basis will minimise the risk of intrauterine constraints and boost your chances for a safe and quick delivery.

Spine adjustments can help manage pregnancy ailments

You will experience an assortment of uncomfortable symptoms when you are with child. An easy solution would be to take medications to ease the various aches and pains, but keep in mind that this exposes your baby to the chemicals in these drugs. If you would like a safe way to eliminate gestational discomfort, you should consider spine adjustments. Regular chiropractic care can help alleviate backaches, neck pain, sciatica and other types of aches that stem from the additional pressure being exerted on your joints.

Spine adjustments can help you maintain good posture

Changes to your posture are inevitable during pregnancy. As your abdomen expands, it is not only your gait that is affected. You'll find that your body inadvertently conforms to the new weight gain, and this typically manifests as your back curving more than normal. If this is not addressed, you may find that your posture becomes altered for the long term. With spine adjustments, these changes to your posture remain minimal, making it easier for your body to bounce back after you give birth.