Recovering after a car accidentRecovering after a car accident

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Recovering after a car accident

I had a small car accident two years ago. I thought I was okay when I walked away, but then I started getting terrible neck pain. It was impossible to ignore and used to wake me up all through the night. The doctor diagnosed me with whiplash and sent me away with pain medication that just left me feeling groggy and terrible. The only thing which has actually helped me over this time has been regular adjustments and manipulations from my chiropractor. If you have terrible neck or back pain from whiplash, then this blog should be a great resource for you.

3 Ways A Chiropractor Can Ease Back Pain In Pregnancy

It's best to avoid the use of any non-essential medication when you're pregnant, and some painkillers have been proven unsafe in pregnancy. However, back pain and discomfort are common in pregnancy, so what can be done to ease those aches and pains and let you get on with enjoying being pregnant? Chiropractic care is safe at all stages of pregnancy and targets the source of your pain. Here's an overview of three ways a chiropractor can ease back pain:

Manual Manipulation

Back pain typically occurs due to strain from your growing bump and the release of relaxin, a pregnancy hormone. Relaxin loosens your ligaments and your bump changes your centre of gravity, so your spine can easily shift out of alignment and cause muscle tension and trapped nerves. Manual manipulation moves your spine back into alignment and releases trapped nerves. Your chiropractor will use a combination of high-velocity and low-velocity manipulations, such as thrusts and stretches, and will target the identified areas of stress. When your spine is correctly aligned, muscles have the opportunity to loosen, and the inflammation caused by tight muscles will settle down.

Stretching And Strengthening Exercises

Your chiropractor can show you how to do tailored stretching exercises, such as triangle pose, to loosen the specific muscles in your back that are causing you pain. Exercises, such as core twists and raise and rows, can also be used throughout pregnancy to strengthen your back, which will help your body cope with your growing bump and the many hours of holding and carrying your baby that are ahead.  Once the chiropractor has assessed your spine, they will develop a customised sequence of exercises for you and ensure you're able to carry them out safely.

Supportive Aids

There are a number of supportive aids on the market, such as back support wedges and body pillows, which promise to ease back pain and help you maintain a healthy posture. However, supportive aids can be used incorrectly, and not all aids will be right for your specific issue. Your chiropractor will recommend pregnancy aids that can support your specific problem area, and they'll show you how to use them without putting strain on other areas of your body.

Chiropractic care can be used as a preventative treatment as well as a restorative one, so you don't have to wait until you have back pain to book a chiropractic consultation. Regardless of when in your pregnancy you see a chiropractor, you should always ensure they know you're pregnant, as this will enable them to provide safe and effective treatment.